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Accepting Patients for the Treatment of Opioid & Narcotic Dependence.

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Physiological dependence upon opiates, which includes heroin, painkillers, and other opiate-based medications, is a disease that responds very well to medication-assisted treatment.  Opioid dependency is recognized as a medical disease.  Ongoing research demonstrates that it can take several years for the brain to satisfactorily recover from excessive drug use and abuse.  One of the safest treatment methods for long-lasting recovery is participating in an opioid treatment program.

The Riverwood Group operates opioid treatment centers to help people overcome their dependence on painkillers, heroin, and opiate-based medications.   Methadone treatment is successful in relieving the cravings for opioids, eliminating withdrawal symptoms during treatment, and blocking the euphoric effects one may experience when using opioids.  We will help you manage your dependency.

Our goal is to treat our patients with compassion, dignity and respect in each phase of their treatment experience.   When entering our program, you will be assigned to a counselor with specialized training in the treatment of opioid dependency.  Your counselor works with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs, with the goal of improving your quality of life and overcoming your dependency on opioids.  Your counselor will utilize the most current research in providing treatment services.

During treatment, you will meet with your counselor on a regular schedule, take methadone on a daily basis, and develop recovery skills that will facilitate your ability to manage your relapse triggers and live a drug-free lifestyle.  Your progress in treatment will be measured by several techniques, including random urine drug screens, which are collected monthly or more frequently as clinically indicated.

Your treatment will be guided by an individualized treatment plan, which is reviewed and updated every ninety (90) days.  After a period of time, you will gradually be allowed to take methadone home, and reduce the number of days you will have to be in attendance at the treatment center.

Riverwood Group Treatment Centers are involved in the community and work closely with other programs that will assist you in your recovery efforts.  We also work on educating the public on the disease of addiction and the societal benefits of medication-assisted treatment.